Collection of metallic waste from manufacturing companies

We offer a service for the collection of metallic waste from manufacturing companies, ensuring professionalism and competence for our clients. Our organization and efficiency allow us to manage the collection of large quantities of materials in a timely and safe manner. Additionally, we ensure compliance with all environmental and safety regulations during the collection process.

Storage and treatment of metallic waste

Once collected, the metallic waste is transported to our storage and treatment facility, where it is managed in a responsible and sustainable manner. We have a modern storage facility that allows us to keep different types of materials separated and to ensure maximum safety for our personnel and the environment. Furthermore, we use advanced technologies for the treatment of metallic scrap, allowing us to recover valuable materials and minimize waste.

Shredding, screening, sorting and demagnetizing of materials

At our facility, we also conduct sorting, screening, shearing, and demagnetizing of metallic waste in order to prepare it for the subsequent recycling process. Thanks to the use of specialized machinery and qualified personnel, we are able to work with materials of different nature and guarantee maximum precision and quality of the final result. Additionally, we ensure that we adopt the best practices for waste management in order to minimize the environmental impact of our processes.